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Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Trex Transcend Decking

Trex Transcend Decking is an upgrade to Trex Accents brand. Trex Transcend decking came out this winter, and it combines a finish that resists stains, scratches and mold. The boards are thicker and heavier then the other brands of Trex decking and they come in two profile options... square and grooved. Grooved comes with the hidden fastener system. Square profile is screwed through the surface like the other brands. They also added to this brand a high-definition wood grain pattern which is more visible. It is like the rest of the Trex products, it won’t rot, warp,crack or splinter. They state that they added protective shell which will defend surface against fading,stain,mold and scratches.The entire Transcend decking collection is also backed by a 25-year Limited Fade and Stain warranty. In the warranty, they note light fading is possible but not as much as other brands.

I just used it on the first job and I like the outcome of it and so is the homeowner, who said the job came out better then they thought it would, after we added something  extra without additional charge to the homeowner and enclosed the entire surface under the bench as a little surprise. Here is a few samples of the deck before and after refacing job was completed.

The existing wood decking was removed because it was split and deteriorated on the surface. Existing original framing was in a very good shape and no signs of deterioration, so no additional work was required other then adding a few metal joist angles to reinforce some of the joist.

Bellow are the pictures after the job was completed using Trex Transcend Decking. Deck color in the pictures is Gravel Path.

If additional information needed, please visit Trex Decking Website or you can drop me a note at any time, I am a certified installation contractor for the Trex Decking Manufacturer.