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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Getting ready to start a new project. This winner was a real pain, and it looks like is here to stay for a while. I know haven't been written in a while, its been a busy few months with the Holidays and all, and I also took a nice trip to Italy and Spain, it was a real blast. Now with this weather been perfecting my drafting skills and been doing real good with it. Did a few addition and basement designs for some clients who wanted to see before and after effects so this been working out pretty good and keeps me busy in the winter.

So after I sold the 1900's house which I remodeled, and right before I left on vacation, I purchased another house and I just finished the design, it came out pretty good, and it looks like its gonna be a nice project.

This house was built in 1925 give or take a few years, can't wait for the weather to break so I can start the new adventure. While the weather was holding up, did some demo, will post some pictures later on so here is what I'm planning to do on this baby.

Roof Demolition, and 2 story addition in the rear, which will add a Master suite on the second floor, kitchen and dining room on the first floor with a large deck in the back, in other words the whole thing is going to get a new life. As always foundation is the most important thing, first thing I look when I purchase old homes, and if I have a bad feeling about the foundation, they can keep the house. Because that would be something like Viagra medication LOL trying to raise a flag on the ship which is already drowned... Not to offend anybody. 

Well ok here we go with some pictures.and there is also a video of the second floor, feel free to take a look. 

Picture before lot clearing was done

After the clearing was done

Rear Elevation

New design, this is the look I am looking for.

Left side elevation

Right side Elevation

Rear Elevation

Glass View

Family Room

Dining room


Top view.

Ok for now, enjoy the pictures and I will keep this updated.

Keep warm and stay safe!!! Until the next time.