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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Outdoor Fire Pit

Had a  hard,long day at work? Come home and have a nice drink at your Home Bar. Let us help you design and create a perfect Home bar or an Outdoor bar to fit your need that will suit your taste.

If you have an idea or like to add something to your home, but not sure how it will fit or look in reality, I can help you to visualize your project. 
Some of the examples which I did  for my customers.

Home renovation
Kitchen Cross section views

Kitchen 3d View
This are just a few samples based on the client’s request, we can build a 3D model or different elevation  layout  that can be used for  presentation, feel of space, or other customer needs. Whether you want to plan your new project or are looking for ways to fill or change the area of your house or outdoor recreation area, a realistic 3D model will help fulfill your needs.
Contact GN Builders L.L.C and I will generate a computer design for you.