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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Color By Armstrong Cabinet

Armstrong Cabinet Products has added Autumn Brown to its maple door styles. The rich, dark finish is available on all wood species. It is shown here on Armstrong's Waverly door style.

This is Waverly Maple wood door style sample from on one of the kitchen remodeling jobs we did about 6 months ago, the color of the cabinet is Coffee with a build up crown to the ceiling. Just to give an idea what the door looks like.

For more information about Armstrong Cabinets? Click here

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bay Window Wood Trim Replacement With Azek

This job was completed this week for two Homeowners in the same development.

This window's trim was treated for the lack of maintains. Water and moisture penetrated behind the wood surface and wood was rotted from inside out.

Bay window was wrapped with Azek material which will never rot and the window covering will last for the life of the house.

This was the second unit, the Homeowner hired a handyman to repair rotted trim, he never provided any flashing and installed new window covering again with wood and within 3 years, there were problem signss, i.e paint peeling, plywood swelling, etc. After removing window trim and covering, house sheeting was rotted and had to be removed and replaced. 

After replacing plywood and covering bay window with House Wrap, Azek material was applied.

The new product will last for as long as the house, and raised panel makes a nice effect.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Deck Completion

Today the deck project was completed. Homeowner loves it and he can't wait to give a first few coats of solid stain after a few weeks and before the winter arrives. Nice wide staircase adds a nice entrance effect.

Nice 2 level deck and we just got invitation to the first pool party next year.

New stairway leading to the pool was redone and widened and the gate was installed at the bottom. 

Small bench was done at the top of the stairs near the pool entrance.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MI Windows and Doors

Got good news today from my replacement window distributor, saying that the Manufacturer of MI windows and doors has improved it's replacement and new construction window and door line and now they make The MI EnergyCore Window System which is designed for optimal energy efficiency and high performance without compromising style and functionality. I have been installing this windows for over 20 years and never had any issues and now the windows got even better.
The system’s high performance is derived from a combination of patented AirCell PVC frame technology, TMAXInsulating Glass, and a design that incorporates numerous physical barriers against air and water infiltration.

The MI EnergyCore Window System achieves optimal energy efficiency. The frame blocks thermal conductivity at least 6 times better than fiberglass, 4 times better than rigid PVC, and 3 times better than wood.
When combining the MI EnergyCore frame with  high-performance, triple-pane, argon-filled TMAX glass packs, the resulting window exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements by 30 - 50 percent and meets the requirements for the Department of Energy’s R-5 High Performance Windows Program.
In fact, MI window system is so efficient, that their standard MI EnergyCore dual pane window, even WITHOUT argon gas fill, exceeds Energy Star requirements in ALL zones, in ANY style, and in ANY configuration.
The MI EnergyCore Window System’s unique design results in a more energy efficient, stronger, more secure, and quieter window with traditional style.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Exterior Columns

Small project was completed today... The original columns were deterated and needed to be replaced. New 4 x 4 post been installed and the girder supporting the roof and the columns were wrapped with Azek material and trim.

For more information about Azek products you can visit Azek Website.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Home Cultural Stone Installation.

This is the new home under construction, we just installed cultural stone to the lower portion of the house.

Deck Refacing

Just last week started doing wood deck refacing. Existing deck was never maintained, and regular lumber was used instead of pressure treated, so most of the boards been splitting, and rotting. There is also a deck near the pool also in the same condition, the step was done wrong, the riser height was different dimensions and the railing was only a 2x2 running down. I didn't take a picture, but will update images when the job be complete.

This is the wood deck before the decking and railing was removed, this was day 1 of starting this project.

All old decking material was removed and now we have all joist exposed which are still in a very good condition, because it was pressure treated lumber.

Day 2 of construction, surface decking is complete new premium 5/4" x 6 " pressure treated decking is used which creates nice decking surface. 

Deck step from one level to another is complete and Instead of using lattice for the the undersides of the deck, solid decking material will be used.

I will update images as the job progresses.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Laminated Flooring

This job was just completed... it was over concrete installation using St. James Collection by Dream Home. It is a better laminate which is 12mm thick with High Gloss surface and being 12mm thick, the St. James Collection is very durable and comes with a 30 year warranty. Here a little more information about this flooring. Here some additional St. James Collection's Advantages: 
  • Three different plank lengths per box,
  • No glue and no nails needed,
  • Easy Click Installation,
  • Moisture resistant board,
  • Thickness: 12mm + 3mm (1/8") pre-glued underlayment,
  • AC Rating: 3  
This floor already has pre attached insulated padding so no additional padding is required. Here is the sample of the floor color used on this job Toasted Chicory- High Gloss.

Here is a few additional pictures of before.

This is after the dining room floor was completed.

This is a very nice flooring to use for a finished basement or any other over concrete when laminated flooring is desired. For more information or other types of flooring visit Lumber Liquidators