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Monday, April 12, 2010

Wood Decks.

Great news...Wood is coming back into our backyards for our enjoyment.
Yes, the real wood is back and thanks to a unique combination of science and nature, it is real wood and it only got better.

Process is 100% free of added chemicals and metals... Non-toxic ... no health, disposal or environmental issues...Resists rot and decay...Performance enhanced with factory-applied, premium sealant...The result is a real wood product. Excellent dimensional stability... 25-year transferable warranty.

The Thermally Modified Wood Decking begins as natural, renewable lumber. Then it undergoes a unique heat-based, chemical-free process that changes compounds in the wood. Then is further enhanced with a factory-applied, premium sealant specifically designed for thermally modified wood.
No matter how you cut it, sand it, stain it, or anything else you do with it... wood is real wood with unreal performance, and not only can you use wood like regular wood in construction, you can mulch it, burn it as fuel, even recycle it. It’s as pure as nature itself, so disposal is as easy as yard-work.

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