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Monday, May 3, 2010

Home Safety

Preparing your Play Area for Summer Fun, because the time for outdoors and time to let your kids run, climb and play til they drop... so before you open the doors, be sure the play area at your home is safe and childproof.
Here is some general things to do before the summer starts

1.Garages and storage sheds

•Be sure all buckets and large containers are kept out of children’s reach. If filled with water, a container as small as 5-gallon capacity can be a source of drowning.
•Store all garden tools and sharp objects out of reach, as well as pesticides and herbicides, gasoline, and motor oil.
•Keep all ladders out of children’s reach.

2. Playground equipment

•Check all swings, slides, playhouses and other structures for sharp objects, rusty metal pieces, breaks, or weakened support pieces,rotted wood where swings or play towers meet the ground.
•On metal swing sets, be sure to cap all open tube pieces. They’re a popular nesting place for bees, wasps and hornets during hot weather arrives, check under chairs, tables, umbrellas for nests.
•Put wood chips, mulch, sand or another soft substance under all swing sets and back yard play equipment.
•Check sandboxes for leaves, bugs and other undesirables. To be safe best way is to get rid of old sand and replace it with new playground sand.

3. Wooden decks

•Check the deck floor and handrails for splintered wood, rotted wood. A splinter of treated wood can cause serious infection and cause serious problems.
•Inspect all connections and fasteners to make sure nothing is lose and everything is stable.
•Inspect stairs,especially stringers and railings to make sure nothing is broken,cracked or lose... Check spindles on railing, this is the first thing kids grab when walking down the stairs.

Some safety rules to impose:

•No Kids Near the Grill. When hot, even after it’s been shut off, a metal barbecue grill can cause burns.
•No Walking on the Wooden Deck in Bare Feet. Splinters are serious stuff.
•No Walking Near the Swing Sets. A child wandering too near the front or back of a swing set can be knocked down by someone swinging and get seriously hurt and it only takes a split second.
•No Swimming without an adults being present. If you have a swimming pool, even a small one, set a rule that requires all children to get out of the pool if the adult leaves, even for a moment. And if you have a pool, add no yelling help unless you need help and no running near the Pool.
•If you got Trampoline make sure kids use it one at a Time...I know its never the case,but one wrong jump and you got some serious problem on your hands, serious injury and everything else that happen on this things.

Enjoy and have a great summer!

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