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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Deck Refacing

Just last week started doing wood deck refacing. Existing deck was never maintained, and regular lumber was used instead of pressure treated, so most of the boards been splitting, and rotting. There is also a deck near the pool also in the same condition, the step was done wrong, the riser height was different dimensions and the railing was only a 2x2 running down. I didn't take a picture, but will update images when the job be complete.

This is the wood deck before the decking and railing was removed, this was day 1 of starting this project.

All old decking material was removed and now we have all joist exposed which are still in a very good condition, because it was pressure treated lumber.

Day 2 of construction, surface decking is complete new premium 5/4" x 6 " pressure treated decking is used which creates nice decking surface. 

Deck step from one level to another is complete and Instead of using lattice for the the undersides of the deck, solid decking material will be used.

I will update images as the job progresses.


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