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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Structural Foundation Repair

Just before the Holidays it was a busy few months, and this blog to show you a Structural Foundation Repair I just completed using Carbon Fiber Straps.
Little about foundation cracks... Foundation settlement or movement is caused when a home or any structure is built on expansive clay, soft or improper backfill soil placed around it, other causes are seasonal high water table and Hydrostatic ground pressure which was the cause for the foundation failure on this job I just completed, it can also be cause by improper maintenance around foundations,i.e back pitched drainage, gutter and leader failure,etc. Such settlements can destroy the value of structures and your home and even make them unsafe. So if you have any crack in your foundation wall, no matter how small it is, you should have it fixed and it is not sufficient to simply fill the crack, because you should restore the structural stability of the structure. This in most cases requires reinforcement to prevent further wall movement.
If you located in NJ, drop me an email with some pictures and I will make a suggestion what should be done, or I will meet with you and assess any damage that has occurred and determine the best plan for your situation. Small cracks can end up causing big problems in the future and more expensive repairs. 
About Carbon Fiber, that is the strongest material out there, it can withstand pressure 10 times better then steel. When foundation block wall starts to move or bow out, the mortar joints on the inside open from the deflection inward. Using Carbon Fiber straps which are bonded to the wall with a high strength epoxy, prevent the deflection and prevent mortar joints to open up further and due to that its increasing the load strength of the wall, so basically it will permanently stabilize the foundation from further movement.
Yes it's a strap it gets attached to the foundation with high strength epoxy. The strap runs from the top course to the bottom course 4'OC. The strap is only 4 1/8" wide and 1/8" thick. Here is a few pictures of the strap I took to give you a visual.

In addition, we do the same repairs on the concrete poured foundation wall, only when working with concrete wall, we use injection system to seal the crack .i.e we drill holes along the crack and we install injector ports and starting from the bottom up and fill the crack. in addition we use carbon fiber staples... The strap is used on the block wall. It is new technology and is the most advanced system today for structural foundation repair, which is used on bridges, etc and this form of repair remedy is suggested by most architects and engineers who're familiar with this system...

The following is a few pictures from the job I just did, you will see Structural Foundation damage caused by Hydrostatic pressure and a short video of surface preparation, prior to Carbon Fiber Strap installation. I couldn't upload a large video, but you can get an idea in this smaller video the dustless wall preparation. The video doesn't have sound, only a small portion of it  near the end, when the block wall is being prepped... so please have your volume down because the sound will appear and it will knock your socks off.

If you have a Foundation problem, need additional information, don't wait until the problem will get worst, drop me a note and I will be more then happy to give you a free evaluation and if a repair is needed, I will provide you with an estimate. Please follow this link and fill out a request and I will contact you within 24hrs.


  1. Few person does have ability to structure whole home very well. Great to read your article. I have found three crack on my wall, they are not looking small. I am finding best founder who able to repair it as well.
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  2. Foundation damage is much more common than many people think. Telltale signs include doors and windows that are difficult to operate, cracks in walls or slabs that recur after patching repairs are made, and walls or slabs that have shifted or tilted from their original positions. It is best to get the expert advice of a foundation expert.
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  3. Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for posting your comment.

    I agree with you...Many Homeowners don't realize that small foundation cracks or foundation deficiencies, over time, can become major structural issues. Home is one of the bigger investments many will make in theirs lifetime, and a person should always call a professional contractor to have the issue evaluated no matter how small it looks like. Like anything else if caught at early stage it can be corrected and monitored to prevent major problems in the future... Especially today, there is so many advanced material's available on the market which can be used to make least evasive repairs.

  4. Hi Neo,

    Thanks for posting your comment.

    Good luck to you, just make sure you find someone who has experience with foundation construction and repairs. Call a few local contractors and compare theirs opinion or recommendation.
    Drop a post when you get some information, a few pictures would help and let me know what repair remedy is recommended.

    Good luck

  5. Your post is very clear and easy to understand. Thanks for the steps that was shared.nice to know there is a lot of talent around here. Wonderful article.
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