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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Willson One-Fit N95 Disposable Respirator Without Valve

When working with sanders, cutting wood, swipping basement or garage and when applying furtiliser in the summer, is a good idea to use a Disposable Respirator. You can purchase them at any hardware store or any big box stores like HD or Lowes. Most of the respirators  offer one size  universal fit.
One very efficient Respirator is Willson One-Fit N95, which offers affordable and effective filtering mask and at the same time you have an excellent protection when cutting or sanding wood, installing fiberglass insulation or drywall, auto-body work, landscaping. This respirator is using Electrostatic filtration and it the same provides very low-breathing resistance, not to mention comfort level when you wear it for a long time period . This respirator is also prevents reaction to sensitive skin and its good quality construction gives you a filtration efficiency of 95% against nonoil airborne particles. They usually come in the Box of 20 and its a must to have item for every contractor or DIY.  

It is also NIOSH approved.

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