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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project Designs

Been expanding services to clients, been doing drawings, detailed remedy for repairs, etc this way my clients can see the new project layout, what it will look like, how to solve a problem, visualize the space after furniture or other things added or removed, etc.
Here is just a few small samples of the projects I been working on.

This is a few views for a kitchen design I am working on it now.

This project is a second story deck design

Front porch design project.

Custom Closet Shoe Display

This was a bathroom design I made for another contractor.

Customer wasn't sure on the size of the columns they wanted to have on theirs driveway, and how it will look when a person or a car is being near it...

This design was made for a customer who wanted to attach a custom shelf without the support brackets.

Doing this has been very successful and helpful on many projects, and customers are very happy with this additional service I can provide and for the amount of money that I charge, I was told by many is well worth it, because they can actually see the rendering of theirs projects, make changes by email or phone, see technical illustrations, etc Not to mention all the fun I am having doing it, I started to take lessons so I can do more.

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