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Friday, September 21, 2012

Steel Drawer Liners

Custom Steel Drawer Liners

Stainless Steel Custom fit to any existing sized wooden drawer creates versatile drawer interior.

Two Tier Cutlery Insert
The two-tier cutlery inserts and drawer liner. are similar to standard cutlery inserts, but feature a second layer storage tray for deeper drawers.

 Mitered flanged lip adds durability to high traffic drawers and serves as a barrier between drawer and liner.  The hardware bypass system ensures all mounting screws on drawers interior are not touched by the liner all while offering a snug, no slop fit.  The foundation to entire drawer accessories offering.  Ideally suited for removable compost catch drawers, bread, pastry or pasta bins or to simply enhance any drawers interior.
                                                                       Under-sink Pans

Custom fitted stainless pans are individually custom built to any size for an exact fit.  While stylish and clean, they offer protection against drips and potential chemical spills that can ruin your cabinetry investment.
Offered in single or dual pan installation depending on cabinet design (w/stile or w/o)

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