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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vast Unique Paver System

Make the most of your deck with Vast Composite Pavers

The beauty of pavers is now available for your deck. Enjoy the unique luxury created from a deck made from Vast Composite Deck Pavers. Vast pavers use a patented grid system with integrated water drainage to make installation to a deck sub-floor simple and durable.

VAST Composite Deck Paver (Boardwalk)

Composite Deck Paver (3"x6" Boardwalk Paver, 11.8"x11.8" Grid)

The Pavers are Truly Maintenance-Free

Vast composite pavers let you spend time enjoying your deck, not working on it.
  • No staining, painting, sealing or treatment required
  • No fasteners to work loose and no splinters
  • Completely resist mold and mildew
  • Replace a single paver (versus replacing an entire piece of lumber)
Superior Performance
Vast pavers is a highly engineered material designed to maximize strength, durability and appearance.
  • One-third the weight of concrete
  • Durable under light vehicular traffic, snow plows, forklifts and skid loaders
  • Innovative grid system dramatically reduces labor expense and improves installation quality
  • Maintenance-free, natural look guaranteed to not crack
  • Brilliant fade-resistant colors

Commercial Applications
§  Parking Lots
§  Walkways
§  Patios
§  Flat Roof
§  Entryways
§  Other Low Speed Vehicular Applications

Residential Applications
§  Driveways
§  Walkways
§  Entryways
§  Patios

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