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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bathroom remodeling

It's been a while since I've been here, I hope everyone who comes here is doing great...It was a busy winter with the weather being nice so I have lots of catching up to do here...

I'll start with a small bathroom remodeling, some idiots installed improper backing for the tile in the shower area which is located on the exterior wall...and over time moisture been penetrating tile started to deteriorate exterior sheeting of the house. People didn't know anything was wrong, until the tile started to become lose. Here is a few shots.

The tiles started to become loose and fall off the wall.

This picture shows how moisture which penetrates tile can distroy  exterior sheeting of the house.

New plywood was installed and glued from the inside to provide structural integrity behind the damages sheeting. Proper repair should be done from the outside, and most likely the Homeowner will have us doing the work in the spring time..

New insulation is installed.

Proper backer board is install and tile will go over it.

New tile and custom frame-less shower door is installed.

Same people who made the shower glass, added trim around the mirror edges to create frame effect.

Another fine job by GN Builders L.L.C


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